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planned giving and trust ser vices Earla (Wood) and George Sanz An inspiring story . . . George’s Tree Influences a Camp Frenda Endowment Fund An Ontario couple credits George’s Tree for their decision to set up a Camp Frenda endowment fund. The couple’s children were blessed by attending Camp Frenda as campers and by working there as teens. Although their children are now grown with families of their own, this couple remembered their dream of helping other children enjoy camp, particularly those who did not have access to other Adventist youth activities. Their vision and their Camp Frenda endowment fund came together when they received and read George’s Tree. They found the book easy to understand and full of planned giving and estate planning ideas. So in January 2013 Dr. George and Mrs. Earla (Wood) Sanz established the Sanz Family Endowment Fund to assist children from Adventist churches who would not normally have the opportunity to attend a summer camp at Camp Frenda. George and Earla set up this endowment fund to honour their parents, Earl and Ila Wood, and Daniel and Alice Sanz. Their parents were dedicated to Christian service and did their best to help others, especially the young people, to maintain a connection with God and with the Adventist Church. Lifelong members of the Kingston, Ont., Seventh-day Adventist Church, Earl and Ila Wood played an active role. They were especially devoted to the youth. Earl was active in the community. He served as president of the local Children’s Aid Society, was a member of the local elementary school board and regularly participated in the Kingston Rotary Service Club. Daniel and Alice Sanz, lived in Spain during the Franco years when open evangelization was forbidden. Daniel, a pastor, and his wife, Alice, laboured for God under difficult circumstances. They reached out to many young people through friendship evangelism, providing meals, shelter, Christian social activities and Bible studies. Many of these young people lacked family support when they joined the church. Daniel helped them find work selling Adventist literature and encouraged them to obtain a Christian education. As a result, almost a whole generation of pastors and church workers in Spain can trace their relationship to God and to the Adventist Church back to George’s parents. “It is for this reason that the Sanz Family Endowment Fund has been set up, especially for young people growing up in small, isolated Adventist churches,” said the Sanzes. “By attending Camp Frenda, these young people will have the opportunity to experience positive friendships and realize that they belong to a worldwide church family. Hopefully, they will consider Christian education and will make the decision to maintain their relationship with God and with the church.” Pastor Glenn DeSilva, camp director, happily received the news. “We are so thankful to God for the Sanz Family Endowment Fund,” he said. “There is no question that many children will come to know God when they attend Camp Frenda. This fund will help our young people from remote churches to meet other Adventist young people. It is truly a wonderful gift.” n —Adapted with permission from an article by Halsey Peat in Ontario Highlights, Summer 2013. Request your personal, free copy of George’s Tree: The Story of a Well-Planned Gift, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada Edition, by calling 905-433-0011, ext. 2078, or by emailing Visit for more information. M O c tob e r 201 3 11