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planned giving and trust ser vices Aunty’s Cool Tax Credit “Aunty,” Danny said one evening when he was at his aunt’s house. “How much do you usually spend on my Christmas present?” Aunty gave Danny a surprised look. “Why do you want to know?” she asked. “I am looking at this ADRA Canada gift catalogue 1 and would like to buy some of these presents to help the poor. Will you buy one of these instead of buying something for me?” Aunty smiled at Danny, her heart swelling with love. “Certainly,” she said. “What a great idea!” Together they had fun looking at the ADRA gift items. Danny, a typical boy, chose the $25 Chicken and Worm Farm, while Aunty, a nurse, decided on a $30 gift of two fruit trees. Aunty gave Danny a proud squeeze. “You’re a good boy,” she said, “and our presents will give me a small tax credit. Want to see how that works?” “Sure,” Danny replied. Aunty sat down at the computer and said, “First, I go to; 2 then I click on Claiming Charitable Tax Credits; and then I click on the Tax Credit Calculator. Next, I plug in our province and the donation amount of $55 into the calculator.” Aunty grinned. “The tax credit is $13.75. Very cool!” “I use this website all the time to understand my donations,” Aunty said. “Let’s pretend it was a $1,000 gift,” Danny suggested. Aunty put in the new amount. “Wow!” she said, “that would be a $450 tax credit!” “This is fun!” Danny, a budding executive, exclaimed. n 1 2 View ADRA Canada’s “Really Useful Gift Catalogue” at Government of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, “Giving to Charities: Information for Donors,” ON THE ROAD WITH Rebecque Johnson Becky What is your favourite Bible story, and why? AT THE RICHLANDS, VICTORIA, AND WILLIAMS LAKE CHURCHES IN BRITISH COLUMBIA. Linda Rothenberger: My favourite is the story of Jonathan and David, as it typifies the love we are to have for one another. I believe it is an example of God’s love, one we all must attain if we are to go to heaven. Nadine Combs: The story of Joseph is my favourite Bible story. While living in Egypt, Joseph was humble and made wise decisions. Andrea (child): The stories of Paul. They are exciting. M D e ce mb er 2 013 11