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planned giving and trust ser vices Ben’s Revocable Trust Ben Jones 1 was aging, but as a widower with no children he didn’t know where to turn for financial counsel. Fortunately, Ben’s nephew Michael invited him to share Christmas with him and his young family. Late Christmas Day, Ben had some quiet moments with Michael and shared his concerns about how to handle his finances as he grew older. Michael recommended that Ben talk to the Conference Planned Giving and Trust Services director. The director listened to Ben and then suggested a Revocable Trust 2 which is a legal document whereby Ben (the trustor) would transfer his finances to the conference (the trustee) to be invested separately for Ben, and the conference would send him regular trust account statements. The director told Ben that he could withdraw any or all of his money or add to the trust, if he wished or needed to. The amount remaining in the trust at Ben’s death would be distributed by the conference to Ben’s beneficiaries as listed in his Revocable Trust Agreement 3 . Finally, the trust director said there was no charge for having a conference trust. If Ben wanted to, he could consider a charitable gift to a conference ministry in appreciation for their help. Ben was happy to include a donation in his trust agreement and glad to have begun this relationship to help him through his senior years. n 1 2 3 Not his real name Other types of trusts will be featured at a later date. Revocable Trust Agreements should be reviewed by independent legal counsel. Get your free copy of George’s Tree by calling 905-433-0011, ext. 2078, or emailing ON THE ROAD WITH Rebecque Johnson Becky It’s a windy day, and you are the only one in the church parking lot. You find a $50 bill. What do you do with it? AT THE COLLEGE HEIGHTS CHURCH IN ALBERTA, AND THE SALEM CHURCH IN MONTREAL, QUEBEC. Debbie Schwarz: Look around to see if there is anyone around who could have “lost” it. If no one is around, put it in the offering the next Sabbath, to my favourite program: Pathfinders/ADRA . . . Sergena Obas: I take it home. If I hear that someone has lost some money, I turn it in. I may ask; if not, it’s mine. Audrey Haggkvist: I would take it inside, tell the pastor or someone who is making the church announcements, and have it announced that a sum of money was found. If not claimed, I would put it in the offering. M M a rch 20 13 11