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planned giving and trust ser vices “The Lord will provide.” It was registration day at a Canadian Adventist school as the school treas- urer met with parents to review financial plans for the new school year. All was going well until the treasurer asked a single parent of several children for the down payment. “Oh, my,” said the parent, “I don’t have money for the down payment.” “Let me see,” said the treasurer, glancing at the student budgets. “We have applied student financial assistance from alumni donors and friends and also your own church’s Matching Fund scholarships. We have done everything we can to reduce the cost.” “Don’t worry,” the faithful parent replied, “The Lord will provide.” And provide He did. These students were given some after-school work, but their diligence ranged from excellent to poor. One day the Lord sent a spe- cific donor: “I would like to help students who may not be at the top of the class but who could use encouragement.” When the last of these students finished at this school, the account showed approximately $2,000 still owing. A little later the treasurer thanked the Lord for a cheque from a church member for the exact amount owed! Through His children’s dona- tions, God rewarded a parent’s faith. You can be the answer to someone’s prayers by donating to an Adventist school near you. n We Want Your Story: Please tell us your story if your life has been changed because of donations, or by student financial assistance, or maybe you are a donor who felt blessed by helping others. Please call 905/433-0011, ext. 2078, or email, and tell us your story. Stories will be printed as space permits. ON THE ROAD WITH Rebecque Johnson Becky Why did Jesus Christ allow Judas to become His disciple knowing that he would betray Him? AT THE ALL NATIONS CHURCH AND COLLEGE PARK CHURCH IN ONTARIO. Keowna Snow (12 years old): Jesus allowed Judas to become a disciple so that he would be able to see that Jesus loves everyone, even if they have and will continue to do wrong—even to Him. Isabellah Moraa: To fulfill the mission He had for us. To reflect His love toward us. Even though we are sinners, He is ready to accommodate us. Hannele Stentors: Jesus wanted to give him a chance. Judas was drawn to Jesus somewhat. All disciples had different characters. Helen Northcutt: He loved him and encouraged his good attributes, hoping he would choose to overcome his bad traits that tended toward sin. M Apr i l 2 013 11