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planned giving and trust ser vices Dave and Sue’s Super Tax Credit “Dave, come see this,” Sue called from the kitchen table where she had the newspaper spread out. “What’s so interesting?” Dave asked, leaving his Jays game for a minute. “This story explains a new Canadian ‘First-Time Donor’s Super Credit.’ Have you heard about it?” “Well, yes,” Dave replied. “I read about it a while ago. It gives new donors a one-time extra 25-percent tax credit for cash donations up to $1,000 maximum. The Super Credit is intended to get people like us started in charitable giving.” Sue smiled and continued, “I’m reading that this new Super Credit applies to gifts on or after March 21, 2013. Since we joined the church in May, and we’re returning tithes and offerings, we should have enough receipts to claim the Super Credit on our 2013 tax return.” 1 “You’re right. And I think I’ll explain this to my brother John. Even though he’s not a church member, he could begin to give to ADRA, for example, and keep his receipts each year until he has $1,000 in donations. That way he’ll maximize the Super Credit, because it can only be used once. I must also tell him that although donation receipts can be carried forward five years, 2017 is the last year to use this tax credit.” “And don’t forget,” Sue added, “This credit is only for people who haven’t made a donation since 2007.” “Don’t worry, honey,” Dave answered, “John is right there with us on that one.” n 1 Canada Revenue Agency, “First-time Donor’s Super Credit,” Government of Canada, March 27, 2013, , accessed June 3, 2013. ON THE ROAD WITH Rebecque Johnson Becky With the sun going down so late, how do you keep the Sabbath interesting? AT THE AGAPE TEMPLE, NEW LIFE, AND AJAX/SALEM CHURCHES IN ONTARIO. Rhonda E. Brewster-Johnson: Get out in nature and enjoy it. Alexandra Alvir: I like to recall hymns, as well as take my children and tell them stories of things that happened to me when I was a child. Sarai Alvir: Play Bible games on the computer. Pansie Gray: I keep the Sabbath interesting by going for hikes on nature trails and looking for wild flowers in the spring and summer. Also, I look for all the different kinds of birds and other things that God has made. M J u ly 201 3 11