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planned giving and trust ser vices Nana’s Grand Piano Nana sat at home one Sunday morning skillfully playing her cherished grand piano. “Where have my career years gone?” she mused, but the screen door banged before she could answer her own question. Her son and teenage grandson had come to help her pack. “What will you do with your piano, Nana?” asked her grandson, Cody. Nana shook her head sadly. Downsizing to fit a senior’s apartment called for many hard decisions. “I know,” suggested her son, Roy. “Our church board just voted to accept a piano for the primary room in our new church building. So I’ve been thinking there’s plenty of space on the new sanctuary platform for an organ and your grand piano.” “And bonus, Nana,” interrupted Cody, “you’d still be playing it Sabbath morning and lots of other times, too.” “I even know what to do,” said Roy. “It’s called a Gift in Kind donation. 1 First, we ask the church board to accept the gift; second, we get a professional written appraisal of the piano’s value; and then, if all goes well, the church issues an official charitable receipt for the piano’s appraised value, and the church owns a grand piano to use for many years to come.” “That was fast!” exclaimed Nana, her head spinning, “but I think I like it. We’ll talk soon. In the meantime,” Nana smiled, “Let’s get packing!” n 1 Gifts in Kind (non-cash gifts) are gifts of property of various types. A gift of service (voluntarily using your skills) does not qualify. For more information, contact Canada Revenue Agency or your conference Trust Services & Planned Giving director. ON THE ROAD WITH Rebecque Johnson A fire is coming that will destroy your home. You have one hour to gather together whatever you like. What would you take with you? Becky AT THE NORTHWINDS CALGARY, PONOKA, AND WARBURG CHURCHES IN ALBERTA , AND THE ENDERBY CHURCH IN BRITISH COLUMBIA. Sarah Wallace: My pets, violin, purse (with ID cards and passport), photo albums, laptop, study Bible, old books (ones out of print or expensive), my writing (stories, poems), clothes and CDs/mp3 player. Salena Dubyna: My pet, passport, most of my clothes, coat, books, photos, blankets, flashlight, winter boots and matches. Kristine Geddes: My pets, purse, important documents (passport and ID cards), laptop, study Bible, clothes, books, camera, cell phone and mp3 player/iPod. Emily Magdapmze: My clothes, money, food, first aid kit, Bible, hymnal songbook, car keys and my cell phone. M Aug u st 2 013 11