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planned giving and trust ser vices Don’s American University Gift “you’re in the United States.” “We can give you a tax receipt to use in Canada,” the student answered politely. “I was just teasing,” Don admitted. “I’ll send the usual or a bit more.” When the call ended, Don went straight to his George’s Tree Canadian Planned Giving book. That kid could be right, mused Don, leafing through the pages. There it was, “Gifts to Universities Outside Canada,” almost at the end of the paperback. Don settled down to read: “WALLA WALLA UNIVERSITY,” read the caller ID as Don, a re- tired engineer, lifted the receiver. “Hello, Walla Walla University,” Don grinned, thinking he was being funny. “Hello, Mr. Jones,” replied a youthful voice, “we’re making our annual Phonathon call.” Don donated every year to his American alma mater, but he was feeling frisky today. “I can’t give to you,” Don smirked, “Official Canadian charitable receipts may be issued by universities outside Canada with a student body that ordinarily includes students from Canada, provided these universities have registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and are listed in Schedule VIII of the Income Tax Regulations.” 1 Don followed the suggestion in the book to Google “Prescribed Universities Outside Canada” and found ample information. He was happy to find Walla Walla University registered with the CRA. This time he would be more proactive in having his American university donation recognized in Canada. n 1 Alain Levesque, George’s Tree: The Story of a Well-Planned Gift, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada edition, 2012, p. 110. ON THE ROAD WITH Rebecque Johnson Becky If the Lord came for supper to your place tonight, what is the one thing you would ask Him? AT THE COLLEGE HEIGHTS AND RED DEER CHURCHES IN ALBERTA AND THE ZEALAND CHURCH IN NEW BRUNSWICK. Kendra Hill: I would ask Him to give me guidance for the big decisions in my life. I would discuss my life with Him and ask Him what I should do. Irma Hartley: To make me like Him. Heather Furrow: For patience. Zoe Brewer: For more people to come to camp and give their lives to the Lord. M S e pte mb er 20 13 11