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planned giving and trust ser vices Sam’s Will Question The first of the “Wills” seminar series was about to start. “What happens if I die without a will?” asked Sam. The Planned Giving director walked toward Sam. “We’ll get to that right away,” said the director. “The main problem is losing control of the assets you worked so hard for all your life.” After introductions, the director moved to the front of the room and started his presentation: Dying Without a Will—Dying Intestate • Your estate may have to wait months to have an executor appointed —and it may turn out to be a person you would not have chosen. • The province or territory you live in controls who gets what in your estate distribution. • If you have not named a guardian for your minor children, you have no control as to whom they will live with, and there could be a custody battle. • You lose the opportunity to make charitable donations or to do tax planning through your will. • Your estate may have to pay fees. “But everyone knows what I want,” Sam spoke again. “Money to my wife, farm to my older son, and not much to my younger son—because I paid a fortune for his med school.” “You should visit your lawyer,” the director smiled. “I’m fairly certain you would not be agreeable to the intestate rules 1 in your province.” By the end of the seminar, Sam was convinced that he did not want to be one of over 50 percent of Canadian adults who do not have a signed will. n 1 You may search online for “Dying without a will” or “Dying intestate” for your province or territory, but for up-to-date information, be sure to contact your lawyer. ON THE ROAD WITH Rebecque Johnson Becky January is the month for a new start. What do you want to do this year? AT THE SCARBOROUGH FILIPINO CHURCH IN ONTARIO. Fe Reithel: I want to be a good representative and ambassador for God. I want to be a servant and really share God at work with my patients. I hope to plant seeds in people’s minds about God, and I long to be a missionary for God all the time, anywhere I go. Christine Alberastine: I am one of the youth elders at Scarborough Filipino. I had shared a personal testimony during Thanksgiving regarding the issue of purity and how the Lord Jesus has saved and redeemed me of past sins and how He has been renewing my mind and heart. The Holy Spirit has impressed me to start a purity seminar ministry, in which I can educate young men and women about purity and waiting for marriage. My goal for this year is to teach young people of God’s saving grace and His desire to have young people commit their lives to maintaining a pure life and using their season of singleness as an opportunity for growth and service in the Lord. It’s called “Purity Project.” It’s worth the wait! M J a n u ar y 2 014 11