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planned giving & trust se r vices The Sign I n his youth, Mel Thompson knew Adventists were. One day while sitting nothing about Seventh-day Adventists in the backseat of the family car, the or the Adventist university college in sign really caught her attention. Right Lacombe, Alta. When he drove by the then, Cara seemed to sense that God campus of the university college and was calling her to attend the school high school known today as Canadian on the hilltop. As Cara continued her University College (CUC) and search for a university, she spent time Parkview Adventist Academy (PAA), with God in prayer and her Bible. he thought to himself, I wonder what Cara felt she could hear His voice that place is. So he asked a friend, who telling her to go to CUC. She decided Seth and Cara Bussey with Mel Thompson. believed it was a correctional school for to enrol in their Bachelor of Education girls and jokingly suggested that Mel might find a girlfriend there. in Elementary Education program. Although she was already a Years later, in 1978, when Mel was working in Edmonton, sincere follower of Christ, during her first year at CUC Cara Alta., an Adventist co-worker set him up on a blind date with became a Seventh-day Adventist. Mabel Grovet. As their friendship grew, Mabel took Mel to see Over the past three years, Cara has not only enjoyed her CUC’s campus, where she had graduated high school. At last, studies but also participated in campus life, getting involved in Mel found out that the mystery buildings were really Christian spiritual leadership and cheering on CUC’s men’s soccer team. schools. In due time, Mel joined the Adventist Church, and he It is through these two activities that Cara met Seth, a religious and Mabel were married in June 1980. All this time, he wondered studies student. Friendship turned into love, and they were why CUC didn’t have a big sign on its land by Alberta’s major married on April 23, 2014, one day after Seth’s graduation. north–south artery, Highway 2. The newlyweds live in Lacombe so that Cara can complete During the 1997-98 school year, CUC president Kenneth her degree while Seth commutes to the churches he pastors Fox visited his friend Mel at his professional accounting firm in Camrose and Ryley. and asked Mel to consider a donation to one of several CUC Mel and Mabel would not have known about Cara had it projects. “Ken,” Mel said, “If I donate to the school, my preference not been for David and Julie Grovet, Mabel’s brother and sister- would be to give toward a great big sign on the highway to let in-law. Julie Grovet is the field experience coordinator for everyone know what CUC is.” True to his word, Mel not only CUC’s education department and she heard about how gave a donation but also oversaw the construction of a large Cara ended up at CUC. Because they knew of Mel and Mabel highway sign built strong enough to withstand hurricane Thompson’s donation to the highway sign, the connection was force winds. made. David and Julie Grovet invited Seth and Cara Bussey and Fast-forward to the summer of 2011: Red Deer high school Mel and Mabel Thompson to their home. It was then, for the graduate Caroline (Cara) Boyce, a Christian teen, had a constant first time, that the Thompsons met Cara and heard how the big prayer on her heart. She asked the Lord for His will in her choice CUC sign that they had donated years ago changed her life. of a university to attend in the fall. Since her childhood, Cara Cara is a very precious return on their donation. Only the Lord and her family often drove by the large CUC sign on Highway knows how many of His priceless children have been brought 2. Cara wondered what CUC was about and who Seventh-day to CUC and to the church by something as simple as a sign. n M N ove mber 2 014 11