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planned giving & trust se r vices Pastor Bill’s Close Call O ne bright day in February of this year, retired Alberta Conference president William (Bill) Olson crossed the yard of his country home in North Central Alberta to care for his horses. Thoughts of his last will and testament were far from his mind. Intent on putting out hay for his horses, Pastor Bill started up his rear-wheel-drive tractor, picked up a large round hay bale in the tractor’s front-end loader, and quickly discovered he was losing traction in the snow. He lifted the heavy loader up a little higher to put more weight on the spinning back wheels. Then he backed up a bit. When he drove forward, the tractor lurched and sent the big hay bale crashing down, right on top of him! On impact, the hay bale pinned Pastor Bill to the tractor seat, crushing his pelvic area and bending him backward out over the seat. No one was near enough to hear if he called out. Only heaven could help him, and he knew it. As he was digging away the hay around him and praying for help, Pastor Bill remembered “The Tractor Fender Will” story he had recently read in the Messenger. 1 Knowing he couldn’t reach the tractor’s fender, he thought, Even if I don’t make it, my will is made and I’m ready to go. Thankfully, God spared his life by enabling him to slowly squirm off the tractor. While still receiving medical care, Pastor Bill tells this story with a smile and always reminds his listeners to be sure their will is made. Written by Carolyn Osmond, retired treasurer/VP for finance at the Alberta Conference. After escaping his near death accident, Pastor Bill had a lot to smile about. This story, and most of the articles and stories that have appeared in this section since 2012, were written by Carolyn Osmond for the Planned Giving and Trust Services Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Carolyn as she lays down her pen and gets serious about being retired. Thank you, Carolyn, for your dedication and hard work. 1 “The Tractor Fender Will,” The Canadian Adventist Messenger, February 2014, 11. M D e ce mb er 2 014 11