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planned giving & trust se r vices The Windows of Time We have been here year after year. We have seen you when you were working hard to be who and what you are today, and we hope to see future generations aspiring to do the same. M aybe some years ago you were a student here at Burman University 1 and pressed your palms and face against our transparent glass. Maybe you took a break from your busy class schedule to stand in front of us, grateful for the expansive clear barrier that we, the windows of Lakeview Hall, provided between Alberta’s cold outdoors and the warmth of the college inside. Maybe you were lounging one evening at Lakeview Hall and paused to look up from your reading assignment to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking aurora borealis dancing in the horizon. As you marvelled at the northern lights, you realized that life is so much bigger than that test you were worrying about. In that moment, you looked beyond Lakeview Hall’s “backyard” and saw a bright and promising future. 1 Formerly Canadian University College. And maybe today, years after you graduated, your child is now a student here also, enjoying a beautifully renovated and updated dormitory lobby, looking at that very same landscape you once viewed through us—the very same windows. The next generation marvels, as you once did, at the incredible, vast expanse outside while enjoying a supportive, tight-knit, and vibrant academic community inside. We have been here year after year. We have seen you when you were working hard to be who and what you are today, and we hope to see future generations aspiring to do the same. Sadly, we have seen time take its toll on this aging campus, and for a while the improvements our campus desperately needed were lagging. The Committee of 100, a group of dedicated individuals who spearheaded improvements to our campus from 1973 to 1985, was revived in 2007 to meet the pressing needs of our campus. Over the last nine years it contributed to major projects, altogether costing over $630,000, starting with the circular alumni plaza and sundial in front of the historic Administration Building. In 2008 the committee helped purchase a multipurpose 15-passenger bus for special trips and shuttle services. Another building that desperately needed improvements was the physical education centre, which serves not only the campus but also the nearby community. The old fitness centre within this building was simply too small to meet growing needs. The Committee of 100 supported the three-year project to dramatically expand the fitness centre, improve the overall building, and even put in a new well-lit parking lot by 2011. If you were a student here 10 years ago, you wouldn’t recognize it today! A year later, in 2012, the second- and third-floor lobbies of Maple Hall dormitory were renovated and refurbished. In 2013, the committee raised funds to transform space in the Education Building into a 100-seat lecture hall to accommodate increased enrolment. The project also built lockers available for daily storage to our off-campus students. Right after that, our very own Lakeview Hall lobby was due for a welcome update! The flooring, pillars, furniture, and reception area have had a complete makeover and now provide an even better common area for our students. And if you’ve ever been to our hall, you know that students absolutely love hanging out, reading, and playing games during free time here! This place is always bustling with activity. You see, over time some things must change, while others need to stay the same. In order for Burman to guide future students with the same timeless principles, its brick and mortar must occasionally experience new life here and now. So when you look through us, we hope you also see reflections of the faces of those who will come here after you. What would you want them to see years after you stood here? May your commitment to an Adventist education at Burman University live on. n Vesna Mirkovich is an alumnus of Canadian University College. M J a n u ar y 2 016 13