Office of Education

The SDACC Education Department supports over 40 educational institutions across Canada, including early childhood programs, elementary schools, junior academies, and senior academies, serving approximately 340 educators and 3,900 students. We also partner with Burman University in the training and ongoing support of teachers across Canada. As a ministry of the Adventist Church, we believe that Adventist education exists to educate children and youth for time and for eternity. Our aim is to seek God first on a journey to excellence.



Betty Bayer
Ext. 2074

General Inquiries

(905) 433-0011
(800) 263-7868

Associate Director

Shad Lehmann
Ext. 2073

Education Specialist

Brandy Perkins
Ext. 2072

Office of Education website

The Office of Education website provides access to information and resources designed to support the work of Adventist educators across Canada.