Indigenous Ministries

The SDACC Native Ministries Department serves the purpose of coordinating ministry to the Indigenous peoples of Canada with the Christ-centred Adventist message of hope and wholeness. The coordinator works closely with conference leadership and their Native Ministry coordinators to provide leadership, personal training, cross-cultural seminars, resource development, awareness of Indigenous issues, coordination of ministry initiatives, and reporting on ministry development.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21, 2023 is National Indigenous Peoples Day and June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. Read more…



Campbell Page
Ext. 2093

General Inquiries

(905) 433-0011
(800) 263-7868

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Mercer
Ext. 2090



  • Native New Day
    A first-of-a-kind Bible study series produced especially for Native People, narrated by Native Storyteller, Monte Church, of the Mohican Nation. (External Link)
  • Native New Health
    Health topics for Aboriginal people. (External Link)
  • Native Ministries Resource List
    A list of Native Ministries resources available for purchase.

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