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The SDACC Canadian Adventist Messenger department produces a monthly magazine that exists to tell the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada. Our articles inspire, educate, and encourage our readers. We do accept a limited amount of advertising that is relevant to our members.

The CANADIAN ADVENTIST MESSENGER is a monthly magazine published for members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada. It is a collection of church news from across Canada and a variety of feature articles chosen to inspire, educate and encourage our readers.

For information pertaining to MESSENGER articles and features, contact Evaldo Vicente. All advertising and announcement inquiries, address, and subscription changes are handled by ac.tsitnevdanull@regnessem.

Writer’s guidelines, advertising policies and rate sheet, announcement policies, and obituary forms, are also available on this site.

Canadian Adventist Messenger

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Canadian Adventist Messenger: South Asian Edition

The Canadian Adventist Messenger: South Asian Edition is a magazine for people of all backgrounds and ethnicities who share a love for Christ and yearn to be like Him.


Communication Director / Messenger Editor

Evaldo Vicente
Ext. 2095

General Inquiries

(905) 433-0011
(800) 263-7868

Associate Director

Douglas Pereira
Ext. 2099

Administrative Assistant

Adrianna Lewis
Ext. 2092

Le Messager Inquiries

(905) 433-0011
(800) 263-7868

Graphic Designer

Ruth Mejia
Ext. 2096

Le Messager Editorial Coordinator

Rollande Giguere
Ext. 0


Karen O'Dell
Ext. 2012

Agents of Hope Coordinator

Tiffany Campbell-Dailey
Ext. 2011

Bible School Coordinator

Paul Antunes
Ext. 2094

Evangelist in Media Ministries

Robert Zama
Ext. 3553

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