Régime de retraite pour les employés canadiens

Le Régime de retraite offre un service rapide, professionnel et courtois à ses membres et retraités en leur fournissant les renseignements dont ils ont besoin pour planifier leur retraite et leur vie à la retraite. Nous tenons à gérer le capital du Régime avec prudence afin de garantir à long terme les prestations des membres et d’administrer ces prestations de manière juste et équitable.



Marilyn Pazitka
Poste 2071

Renseignements généraux

(905) 433-0011
(800) 263-7868

Spécialiste des rentes / Assurance de la qualité

Charisma Hodgins
Poste 2070

Adjointe aux prestations de retraite

Colleen Page
Poste 2009


Elizabete Belz
Poste 2085


Nadine Ramsay
Poste 2075

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Retiree Newsletters:

Living in Retirement and Reflections

Retiree - Direct Deposit Forms:

Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of retiree pension.

Retiree - Tax Forms:

Member - Spousal and Beneficiary Designation Form:

Spousal Declaration and Beneficiary Designation Form. This form is for active, suspended, and deferred pension members only. It is not part of the retirement application forms. Complete this form to designate primary and contingent beneficiaries for your pension accrual should you pass away before your pension begins. Changes in marital status such as marriage, separation, divorce and death, require an update in your beneficiary form. Please mail the completed form to the Retirement Department, 1148 King St. E., Oshawa, ON L1H 1H8

Member - Retirement Benefits Application:

The following forms must be viewed with Adobe Reader, Acrobat or other PDF readers to work correctly. Please do not view and complete them in your web browser. The plan member application consists of three sections. The Member and Spousal Information sections must be complete by ALL applicants regardless of marital status. The 20 Years section is to be completed by plan members who were employed by the Church before January 1, 2006, who have earned 20 years of service credit and who have been married for at least one year before their retirement date.
  • Retirement Benefits Application - Member Information
    PDF Fillable Form. Please complete and return by mail (not fax) to your employer or the Retirement Office as indicated in the instructions at the top of the form. Do not forget to include a copy of a proof of age document for yourself and your spouse, if you are declaring a spouse.
  • Retirement Benefits Application - Spousal Information (must be completed by ALL applicants)
    PDF Fillable Form. Regardless of your marital status, complete this form in its entirety including checking one of the boxes in the Certification Regarding Assignment of Pension section. Return with your Member Information form.
  • Retirement Benefits Application - 20 Years
    PDF Fillable Form. Complete this form only if all three of the following apply to you:
    1. You were employed by the Church before January 1, 2006
    2. You have at least 20 years of service credit (all Church service)
    3. You have been married at least one year before your retirement date
    Return with your Member Information form.

Active Member - Retirement Planner:

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved Retirement Planner. Available 24/7 from any internet-connected device, the new Retirement Planner provides you with all the information you need related to your Church pension - all in one place. Use the tool to:

* Update your address and other contact information
* Download your annual pension statement by going to My Retirement > My Statements
* Access important forms, including Spousal Declaration and Beneficiary Designation forms
* View the Summary of Your Retirement Plan booklet and other important documents
* Estimate your pension at different retirement ages
* Model up to three different pension scenarios at once for when you can start your monthly Defined Benefit (DB) pension

Active Member - 2022 Group RRSP Seminars:

Recording and Presentation Slides of the employee seminars as presented by Industrial Alliance.

Active Member - 2023 Group RRSP Seminars:

Planning for Retirement Newsletter:

A newsletter for the Seventh-day Adventist Church Retirement Plan for Canadian Employees members. This series of newsletters is designed to provide general information about everything retirement.

Planning for Retirement Booklet:

A summary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Retirement Plan for Canadian Employees Pension and Post-Retirement Benefits Program.

Health Allowance: